September 14, 2019 - General Meeting

We had our September General Meeting with a presentation on “Restoration of Communications Following a Disaster” by our own Robert Clark (KA0WAS). It was another great meeting and presentation.

9-14-19 gen mtng 3.jpg

Treasurer Bradley and President Kelvin begin the meeting.

9-14-19 gen mtng 4.jpg

Secretary John reads the previous General Meeting minutes.

9-14-19 gen mtng 5.jpg

General meeting discussions.

9-14-19 gen mtng 9.jpg

Ending meeting and getting ready for Robert Clark’s presentation.

9-14-19 gen mtng 8.jpg

Robert began his presentation on “Restoration of Communications Following a Disaster”.

9-14-19 gen mtng 2.jpg
9-14-19 gen mtng 6.jpg
9-14-19 gen mtng 1 edited.jpg

End of presentation; time for questions and discussion.

9-14-19 gen mtng 7 edited.jpg

Laura, Dawn, John, Dave, Bryan, Bill, Leo, George and Dick.