The 220 MHz Guys Original Preservation Net

Saturdays at 9:00 PM (CDT)

Tune to the WM9W Repeater on 224.520, with a negative offset, every Saturday Night at 9:00 PM (CDT), and check into the 220 MHz Guys© Original Preservation Net.

You can also check into the Net via Echolink. Just connect and save WM9W-R (Node 218858) in your favorites, and come join in the fun!

Come on out Saturday nights, and have a great time with the Original 220 Preservation Net that started it all in Chicagoland! All are welcome!!

Tune in, check-in and enjoy. You’ll be glad you did. It's hosted by a variety of great hams.

The 220 at 2:20

Sundays at 2:20 PM (CDT)

Come join us for a comfortable Sunday afternoon rag-chew on the 220 at 2:20 Net! This is a weekly Sunday afternoon net. You do not have to be a club member to participate. This net is named because of its start time of 2:20 PM Central Time, and held on the 220 MHz amateur radio band. We have check-ins from local, national and international stations via Echolink. There is no hard format, questions and topics of discussion vary. 

Please join us and spend part of your Sunday afternoons with us. It's always a good time! 

Hosted by a variety of great hams.

Don't forget Echolink! (WM9W-R, Node 218858) 

The Nightcrawlers Net

At midnight... every night! (CDT)

Join us on the Nightcrawlers Net! We like to think of ourselves as the first Net of the day in Chicago. This Net is held daily/nightly (depending on your perspective) on our repeater, starting at midnight. This is an informal round table net that has an open discussion format. It can last up to a half-hour, or into the wee hours of the morning. Discussions vary, but you will get: (KD9EID's) Laura's stuff or, "on-this-day in history" on Wednesdays through Saturday, and (KB9DSQ’s) Steve’s Korny Kornball Korner on Fridays. 

So, if you're up at that time, or just battling insomnia, why not turn on your radio and enjoy some company? Just another way for us to make amateur radio fun. Come on out and join our Guide to the Other Side in lively conversation, and hang out with a great number of returning Nightcrawlers. (Where everybody knows your call sign. la la) Join us to see what crazy topics are up for discussion, or just rag-chew.

Our host schedule is as follows, and it’s a great line-up: Joe Russo - KD9EJX, begins the week Monday, where the regulars come out to rag chew; John Plecki - KD9BYW, from Studio C, on Tuesday and Saturday; Mike “Shemp” Shampine - N9PLG, on Wednesday; Mike McGuire - K9ACM, on Thursday; Bradley Sarabekian - KD9LPW, on Friday; and Tom Antolak - KA9ZXN, on Sunday.

On-this-day in history is provided by Laura Plecki - KD9EID, (Laura’s “stuff”) Wednesday through Saturday, and (KB9DSQ) Steve's Korny Kornball Korner on Friday.

We also feature a RAIN report from the archives, every Wednesday night. If you would like to request a specific RAIN report, please contact KD9BYW at Sometimes you can even catch the RAIN reports' own Hap Holly (KC9RP) joining in on Nightcrawlers' fun.

And don't forget about Echolink! (WM9W-R, Node 218858)

Please contact Steve Hill - KB9DSQ, our Net Controller Coordinator, if you are interested in being a Guest Net Controller for any of our Nets. It's very easy to do, it's loads of fun, and we're always looking for more help.



If you are looking for other nets, please try the link below. It is for the Chicago Area Net Directory.