Apologies from the Webmistress: We posted, for a short time period, that we would be having VE testing at Field Day, and this was posted in error. We will not be conducting VE testing at Field Day. My sincerest apologies for any confusion. (Sorry, this “whoopsie” slipped by two of us!)

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Please come out and join us at Davis Creek Campground in Kankakee River State Park in Bourbonnais, IL for the ARRL Field Day this June. We are all looking forward to setting up, and having another great time out in the woods! Please go to our calendar page to get directions to the Davis Creek Campground, in the Kankakee River State Park. We look forward to seeing you there.

As we always say, if you can’t make it to our Field Day, at least try and get out to any field day event. It’s always a great experience.

On the lower part of this page, you will find our counter for the remaining days till Field Day. It is rapidly approaching!

HapHolly (KC9RP) and Stephanie Holly (KA9WKD)

HapHolly (KC9RP) and Stephanie Holly (KA9WKD)

A Few Moments for One of Our Own - Hap Holly

The two-minute MP3 file from the May 10 Newsline, that was run as the second story last week about our very own Hap Holly, is available here for everyone. (Click on May 10 Newsline below.) It’s a very nice tribute that we think everyone will enjoy hearing, and agree with whole heartedly. Hap, you have been a great big part of our lives, and we all salute you as you hang up the RAIN helm. We’re sure you look forward to enjoying your Friday nights again - ovaltine. We thank you for all the stories, and how you’ve given us further knowledge that keeps us continually re-educating ourselves. The RAIN Reports live on in archive at www.therainreport.com, and are played from the archives on the Nightcrawlers Net on Wednesdays at midnight.

May 10 Newsline


The 220 MHz Guys Amateur Radio Club, now in its' eighth year, offers:

  • Saturday Morning Breakfast

  • Summer and Winter Field Days

  • Nets:

    • Every night - The Nightcrawlers Net (at Midnight)

    • Saturday - The Original Preservation Net (at 9:00 PM)

    • Sunday - The 220 at 2:20 Net (at 2:20 PM)

  • VE Testing

    • 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays at P.J. Klems