Hamfests are gatherings much like a Flea-Market where people of varying interest gather to perhaps find & purchase that rare piece of equipment or component they need to work on projects. Sometimes, you may find items you never thought of buying, but there it is looking at you and you gotta have it! Also, these are great places to see old friends or make new ones. The Hamfests are sponsored by clubs and will often offer raffles as part of the price of admission. Some venues offer food and refreshments. The Hamfests take place throughout the year. Check back often for new postings. We only post Hamfest flyers when requested directly from other club's officers. If you don't see one here that would interest you, take a look at our Local Amateur Radio Clubs tab and visit their websites to see if they offer any Hamfests or activities that may peak your interest. Look at the posters and/or links below and we hope you can attend.

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Please contact the affiliated club directly should you have any questions or concerns.

If you would like your club's Hamfest Flyer posted here, please email a PDF format file with the Subject: Hamfest Flyer to our Club email address - thegoodguys1@live.com.