-          1. The repeater timer is off from 2359 till 0200, so you won’t time out the repeater.

-           2. Be sure to I.D. the Net/Station (Nightcrawlers Net/WM9W Club repeater), every 10 minutes. 



It's midnight. This net meets every night about midnight. Time for the 220 MHz Guys Amateur Radio Club Nightcrawlers Net. This is ___________ and my call sign is _________, and I will be your net controller. 

This net is dedicated to the silent keys of the 220 MHz Guys, and they are in order: WB9WIP - George,  KA9KBU - Joe, WV9MJS - Mitch,  KD9CCG - David,  N9JYX - Bob,  KD9ERC - Tyrone, N9HSH – Jim,  KB9THM – Jim, KC9ESY - Kathy,  KB9KRT – Patrick, and KC9MJL - Cheryl.   

There’ll be no pause for emergency traffic, but the net will give the air to any breaking emergency. 

-- Call for check-ins.  [REMIND the net to leave room for Echolink check-ins.]

-- Announce Laura and her stuff, on Wednesdays through Saturday. Laura is off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

-- Look out for Steve, KB9DSQ, and be ready to announce his walk out to the Korner, for his Korny Kornball Korner on Saturdays.

-- Announce the repeaters: WM9W 224.520 negative offset of 1600 KHz PL of 110.9 Hz, and KB9NTX repeater as an affiliate, 224.300 MHz same offset, and PL tone.


-- The Good Guys Saturday Morning Meet & Greet Breakfast (come out and join us – you don’t have to be a member, just have an interest), as well as our VE Test sessions are held at P. J. Klem's Restaurant, located at 8000 W. Ogden Ave. in Lyons, IL.  Breakfast is held every Saturday, starting roughly at 8:30 AM (and can go into lunchtime and beyond). VE sessions are held on the first, third, and when it happens, fifth Saturday of the month. If you are testing with us all you need are the correct number of answers, and a photo ID. No fee is required because we’re using Laurel testing. If you are upgrading your license, you need to submit a copy of your current amateur radio license to the VE team.

Check our club website for maps, directions and other details.

-- The nets; Original Preservation Net - 9 pm Saturdays, featuring our own Hap Holly, with the best of RAIN from the archives; The On 220 at 220 at 2:20 pm Sundays, and the Nightcrawlers Net every night, starting sometime around midnight – The First Net of the Day. [Mention that we also run a RAIN report from the archives every Tuesday on the Nightcrawlers Net.]

-- The Club Website is We’ve got a great website, check it out. There are some great pictures there, and a lot of other information. The Club e-Mail is: We have Facebook and Twitter Pages, and The Good Guys Hotline is 708-257-4438 - you’ll be speaking directly with our Vice President, Steve (KB9DSQ).  Our snail mail is: The 220 MHz Guys, P.O. Box 388148, Chicago, Illinois 60638.

-- Make mention of our General Club Meeting, now moving to the 2nd Saturday of the month (previously the 3rd Saturday), at PJ Klems, after our Saturday Meet & Greet breakfast. You can always refer to the website for the correct date, time and location for all meetings.

--Announce any upcoming local amateur radio activities, or hamfests (also found on our website).

—-09/13/2019 |  W9DXCC 2019

Location:  St. Charles, IL
Type:  ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor:  Northern Illinois DX Association

—--09/21/2019 |  Illinois State Convention (Peoria Superfest 2019)

Location:  Peoria, IL
Type:  ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor:  Peoria Area Amateur Radio Club

—-09/29/2019 |  CFMC Radio Expo

Location:  Belvidere, IL
Type:  ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor:  Chicago FM Club

-- Swap and Shop. - Anyone looking to buy, sell, trade, or give anything away, or perhaps if you are looking for that rare specialty item, after all, Christmas is just around the corner. (Note: Controllers must read this disclaimer on the air! -> “The 220 MHz Guys Amateur Radio Club, or the Net Controller, are not responsible for any transactions that take place; Period! There is to be no discussion or haggling of prices over the Repeater!”)

-- Pause frequently for check-ins, and leave time for Echolink.    

-- If we forgot anything, please add it. [We’re only human.]

-- Close the net with something like "The 220 MHz Guys would like to thank everyone who checked in.” (It’s nice to read off the names of everyone who checked in, after thanking them.)

Always end with... “I will now return the repeater back to normal amateur radio standby use.”

For WM9W AND AFFILIATED STATIONS, this is  [name and call sign]  wishing you all 73...etc.”   


- Please feel free to make the net your own, within the scope of Part 97 of course. Hi Hi.

-- That's it, and have fun. Remember - everyone is a future new contact out there.