01.  Good Evening fellow Amateur Radio Operators! Especially to all of you 220 MHz enthusiasts! Welcome to the 220 MHz Guys Amateur Radio Clubs’ Saturday Night 220 MHz Original Preservation Net! This net commences every Saturday night at 9:00 pm local time. Our mission... and we proudly choose to accept it; is to promote and encourage activity on our precious 220 MHz band! Our Goal? - We like to make the radio hobby fun!

My name is (Your name & call sign), and I am your net controller for this evening. Please note, this is a directed net! So, please refer all calls to Net Control! (WM9W) We will not have any scheduled pauses for emergency traffic, but we will yield the air to any breaking emergency. With that in mind, please leave room between all check-ins and transmissions to allow for any emergency traffic.  (Pause 3-5 seconds)

[This is the WM9W Repeater, Chicago! (Please identify this every 10 minutes)]

02.  Call for Any EchoLink Stations. – (Be sure to take standbys throughout the net and check for any EchoLink Stations. Be sure to get their locations!!)

03.  Call for Stations on Short Time. - (anywhere in the alphabet, get them in and out quickly!)

04.  The Question for the Net. - (Only if you have one. This is not mandatory.)

05.  Call for Club Officers and Directors.

06.  Call for QRP (Handhelds) and Mobile/Portable Stations. - (Our top priority! What repeaters are all about right?)

07.  Call for General Check-ins. - (Take as many as you can handle. Instruct to please use standard phonetics, and to give the information slowly. Obtain call sign, name, and their location. As an option, you could ask them to provide the radio and antenna they're using.) Be sure to follow-up, and check for EchoLink Stations and their location.

08.  Net Control Announcements. - Our Club Meetings and Nets, The Good Guys Saturday Morning Meet & Greet Breakfast, as well as our VE Test sessions are held at P. J. Klem's Restaurant, located at 8000 W. Ogden Ave. in Lyons, IL.  Breakfast is held every Saturday, starting at 8:00 AM. VE sessions are held on the first, third, and when it happens, fifth Saturday of the month. Check our club website for maps, directions and other details.

The Club Website is The Club E-Mail is: We have Facebook and Twitter Pages, and The Good Guys Hotline - 708-257-4438; you’ll be speaking with our Vice President, Steve (KB9DSQ).  Our snail mail is: The 220 MHz Guys, P.O. Box 388148, Chicago, Illinois 60638.

We also have an affiliated repeater; KB9NTX at 224.300, negative offset 1600 KHz, PL 110.9 Hz.

(Make mention of other local club nets, meetings, etc. Announce any upcoming hamfests, and other local amateur radio activities.)

09. Time for Hap Holly, and The RAIN Report. - (Run the RAIN report at the earliest convenience possible, but no later than 9:35. Sometimes Ron (N9QOB) runs the RAIN for Hap. If no RAIN report available, call for more check-ins, and announcements. Reference the website – for further information. Be sure to thank Hap, he's the best!)

10. Swap and Shop. - Anyone looking to buy, sell, trade, or give anything away, or perhaps if you are looking for that rare specialty Item. (Note: Controllers must read this disclaimer on the air!) “The 220 MHz Guys Amateur Radio Club, or the Net Controller, are not responsible for any transactions that take place; Period! There is to be no discussion or haggling of prices over the Repeater!”

11. (Call for Late and Final Check-ins.)

12. (Ending the Net) – The 220 MHz Good Guys would like to thank everyone for their participation tonight. The Good Guys would like you to please promote and encourage the use of our precious 220 MHz band. Remember... If we don’t use it, we’ll lose it!

Please join us again next week at this same time on the WM9W club repeater at 224.520, with a negative offset, for The 220 MHz Guys Amateur Radio Clubs’ Original Preservation Net...”! This concludes the Net. This is (your name and call sign), saying "73" to all. I will now return the repeater back to normal operation. This is the WM9W Repeater - Chicago!



Last updated: 10/28/2017

The above is the suggested scripted guideline for hosting The 220 MHz Guys Preservation Net™. Please feel free to change the order, and/or add Amateur Radio related announcements, comments, etc. Be sure to I.D. the Net and Station (WM9W Club repeater), and conduct yourself in a manner that is appropriate, and within the FCC rules and regulations that govern our Amateur radio community. 


Please contact Steve Hill - KB9DSQ our Net Controller Coordinator if you are interested in being a Guest Net Controller for any of our Nets.



The 220 MHz Guys Amateur Radio Club, Inc.©, A non-profit organization.