Dam Fishing (May 2016)

CAM00709 (4).jpg

Geovanni (KD9BYW's grandson) and Steve (KB9DSQ) fishing behind P.J. Klems restaurant.

CAM00711 (4).jpg

John (KD9BYW) and Steve (KB9DSQ) trying their best for some fish.

CAM00708 (4).jpg

Alex (KB9DSQ's grandson) and Geovanni (KD9BYW's grandson) teaming up against the fish. 

CAM00706 (6).jpg

John (KD9BYW) hoping for the best. 

CAM00707 (5).jpg

Geovanni casting out. 

CAM00713 (6) - Copy.jpg

Probably better over here. 

CAM00715 (5) - Copy.jpg

Nope. Alex says it's probably better back over there. 

CAM00714 (7) - Copy.jpg

Line problems. 

CAM00716 (4).jpg

Are there any fish here?


Maybe I'll clean out Grandpa's tackle box?

CAM00723 (4).jpg

Whoops! Where did she come from? DNR checking up on us. Not to worry, we're legal.